Vision & Mission


Being the market leader in providing Indonesian seamen to work on fishing vessels by offering highly qualified manpower for international fisheries.




Providing services in the field of seamen supply for international fisheries and providing employment opportunities for Indonesian seamen or prospective seamen. 

Implementing all stages of legal regulations, recruitment process and the placement of seamen carefully, legally, procedurally and responsibly.

Providing education, training and briefing in accordance with the specified requirements by the users.

Providing services and protection to all seamen in accordance with the provisions that ensure the security, safety and productivity of work.

Establishing effective coordination among our company, our partners and the stationed seamen.

Making improvements in all sectors continuously and sustainably to achieve the best results.








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Our Partners

  • Marina Trading Co, Ltd in Busan, South Korea
  • Sajo Int. Co., Ltd in Busan, South Korea
  • Near Coastal (South Korean NFFC)
  • Oyang Corporation in Seoul, South Korea

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