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PT Kusuma Baharijaya

is a manning agent of Indonesian Seamen. We provide high qualified seamen which are trained professionally. We do job placement for Indonesian seamen on fishing vessels and fish cargo vessels overseas.

For more than 26 years we're exist to fulfill the needs of seamen for fishing industry in the fields of international marine and fisheries. It also became the background of the establishment of PT Kusuma Baharijaya on September 28th, 1990.

Competition in fulfilling the needs of seamen in the international community can be anticipated by dispatching qualified Indonesian seamen, which is also one of the goals of PT Kusuma Baharijaya.  


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Our Partners

  • Marina Trading Co, Ltd in Busan, South Korea
  • Sajo Int. Co., Ltd in Busan, South Korea
  • Near Coastal (South Korean NFFC)
  • Oyang Corporation in Seoul, South Korea

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